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Giselle Ates

As a former teacher, Giselle Ates is a versatile educational author who has helped hundreds of children create, publish, and display their books, stories, and poems while publishing several of her own works.


Her most recent book:  Ick! Ick! Ick! Eating That Could Make You Sick!  is the first in her new children's series about Super Kiddo the Superhero  This series is truly a labor of love as it started out as a gift for her first granddaughter but has morphed into a super series that empowers children to make healthy, creative, and safe choices. She also provides free coloring and workbook PDFs to anyone who reads these super stories!


Giselle Ates is best known for her Blinged Out Shakespeare series which introduces children to Shakespeare’s tragedies using a humorous rhyming Dr. Seuss-like style.


As a former Registered Nurse and journaling enthusiast, Mrs. Ates channeled her nursing background into her first novel, Fractured Reflections. She is currently working on a second novel, Sinister Reflections. 

When she is not busy writing or editing, Giselle Ates enjoys reading books, playing games, and dancing with her kiddos—especially her granddaughters.  Since she is a former teacher and Registered Nurse, Giselle prefers creating educational stories for all ages that promote health and happiness.

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