by 2014-2015 STUDENTS

"Hanging Out with Monroe" by Mary Libby

Monroe's Journal:  February 2015


Over the weekend, I went home with Marry Libby.  At her house, I had tons of fun learning how to skateboard. I really didn’t like Mary’s cats because they kept trying to get me to play with them.  To keep me safe at night, Mary provided me my own room.  It was pink, but I didn’t care.  However, she slept in the blue and green room, but it was a messy room, so I wasn’t too jealous.  The next day, we escaped the house and spent a lot of time in the car.  Sometimes I rode shotgun, which was so much fun!  Flynn, their Aussie mix, didn’t like me taking his spot—he whined almost the whole time.   The first place Mary’s dad drove us was Discovery Green, a cool park in Downtown Houston where we snapped some picture with some extremely weird and unexplainable statues.  After running a few errands, we headed back her neighborhood where we skateboarded. Unfortunately, most of the weekend was rainy so we didn’t do it as much as we would have liked, but when we did, it was amazing!  I was flying!   Sadly, it started raining again, and Mary had to leave.  When she went to Winter Jam with her friend, she wanted to take me, but her dad explained to her how I might get lost or stolen.  So, Mary agreed and promised to tell me everything when she came back.  When she returned, she was so tired that she immediately hopped into bed.  The first thing in the morning, she told me everything. It sounded like it was so much fun, but it sounded like it was way too loud for me, so I’m glad I didn’t go with her for that. Mary introduced me to so many things:  skateboarding, cats, a dog, statues, Downtown Houston, Discovery Green, and her cozy and loving home.  Playing with Mary for the past few days was wonderful!

"A Fair Time" by Amelia Cline

Maverick's Journal:  March 2015


This week I stayed at Amelia’s house. When I arrived, she suggested that we play the game called at the fair.  I agreed quickly. Since I didn’t know what a fair was, I didn’t know what to expect.  First, I went on an especially fast spinning ride that hung over her bed.  I felt queasy! Noticing the zebra outside, I plopped down on her bed and lunged through her open window toward it.  She followed me.  Hopping on its back, I laughed as Amelia steered us around the yard. Instead of going on another ride, we decided to chow down on some delicious fruit. Stuffed with strawberries, I accidentally fell into the goodie basket!  Finally full and tired, we trudged back inside and played on her computer for a little bit. Sleepy, we took a nice long nap. I had so much fun at Amelia’s house!  I hope I visit with her again soon!

"Horsing Around with Maverick" by Amanda Armistead

Maverick's Journal:  May 2015


During class last week, the teacher snatched us from our cozy spots in the sun and plopped us onto the table for the students to select one of us to torment over the holidays. Amanda Armistead chose me. Painfully, this enthusiastic and energetic fifth grade student strung me through her metal backpack key ring. I cried out in searing pain, but she didn’t seem to notice.  Removing me from that torturous device, she introduced me to a palomino horse named Arizona. At the barn, Amanda tacked up Arizona. She led him to the round pen. While she did that, I entertained myself by swinging from branch to branch. Mounting on the horse, she reminded me to check safety first. Was I mounting on the right side? Were my stirrups the right length?   Of course not—I’m a monkey and those are for humans!  Despite these obvious safety violations, we went for a wild ride.  I almost fell off a couple times, but I survived.   After all, I am a cowboy! Or, at least, that’s what Amanda claims. Although Amanda’s activities scared me, even horrified me at times, it was an exciting adventure.  Yep, I had a great time!