Abecedarians & Acrostics

Abecedarian poems feature entire alphabets, which are spelled out by the initial letters of single or multiple words, lines, stanzas, pages, or chapters.  Many children's books are abecedarians.  Some of my favorites include Fly with Poetry: An ABC of Poetry by Avis Harley and The Queen's Progress by Celeste Davidson Mannis.


Acrostics are a form of abecedarian poetry, but instead of featuring an alphabet, the first letter of each section spells out a word, which is the topic and often the title of the poem. 


For more information about abecedarians and acrostics visit Poetry.org.


Below are poems (or links to poems) that are abecedarians and acrostics written by me or by my students either during or for one of my classes.




"The ABCs of Australia" by Mission Possible 2009


"Posting in the Digital Age" by Giselle Ates for CDA classes





Acrostics by Giselle Ates


“Sonic” by Elijah Samuel (5th grade)







 “Minecraft” by Amanda Huff (6th grade)


In the



Creepers are




The cat.


“Super” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade)

Super great things

Upon the stars

Planets orbit

Especially ours

Right beside Mars


“Barrier” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade)


Barricades restrict

Anyone who attempts

Reaching the city

Ramparts remain so


Even nature can’t

Raze those barriers


“Magnets” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade)

Magnets made to

Attract one another

Getting acquainted

Nevermore alone

Everywhere they wander

Till the very end, they’ll go


“Sailing Salty Seas” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade)

Sailing salty seas

At the mid of day

Looking upon the

The clear horizon

You view blue beauty 


“Wicked Witch” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade)

Wicked, wrathful witch

In good times, she bites

Times of happiness

Crumbled because of

Her, that wicked witch

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