Annual Student Author Parties

For over twenty years,  TESA publications has encouraged and empowered students of all ages to create books by providing classes, publishing their work, and by offering and promoting parties that reward their writing and illustrating endeavors.  

While we continue to reward our students for their work, we also encourage them and other homeschooled students in the Kingwood area to participate

in CHATA’s annual Authors Party and library displays


How do Author Parties work?  Students create their books at home and then present them at a party, which is hosted by local organizations like CHATA and ESA-Epsilon. 


What are the benefits of partipating in the party?

  • The hosts reward the partipants' writing and illustrating endeavors by providing awards, refreshments, and the opportunity to share their book at the party.

  • Students with qualifying books are also eligible to participate in the library displays.

  • The parties and displays provide a reason for writing and illustrating.

  • The books, awards, and pictures provide lasting memories of positive homeschooling endeavors and activities.


What type of books are allowed for the party? All books are rewarded!  We’ve seen everything from:

  • Picture books (few words) by preschoolers

  • Family cookbooks and vacation picture journals

  • Compilation books filled with stories, poems, essays, and research papers

  • Books by multiple authors and illustors

  • Full-length novels by highschoolers—some have even been published!


What are the book requirements for the library displays?  

  • They must have error-free and attractive covers with the title of the book and the name of the author/s and illustrator/s.

  • Pictures and ages of the creators are also encouraged.

  • Books should be able to stand on the library display shelves.


When and where is CHATA's next Authors Party?

Date: January 30, 2015

Time: 7-9 pm

Location: Woodridge Baptist Church

Cost:  $5.50 per student

Ages:  all homeschooled students are welcome

Library displays: during February and April

Contact: Kathi Haller for more information or to sign up