Doublets are a type of poem where a word is changed, one letter at a time, into another word;

these words should be arranged vertically within the poem to emphasize the changing letters.                    



From Fat to Lean

by Giselle Ates

Sept. 20, 2012 


                            I want all of my FAT to disappear,
                                      So I must
EAT less for at least a year.

       Lots of veggies with some
MEAT and a little bread,
                         Devouring each MEA
L several hours before bed.

            However, this does not MEA
    That I must go hungry to be



Turning HATE into LOVE

by Giselle Ates

February 26, 2015


                                                                                               We must learn to turn our HATE                    

                                      into positive feelings and productive actions before it’s too LATE                    


                                                           We must strive to place others first and ourselves LAST                    

                                  to forget the past and remember that we all occasionally get LOST                    

                and overwhelmed in our own little worlds.   By adding animosity we all LOSE

       the one and only thing that truly matters to all people and to all creatures—LOVE




by Faith Valdez (fourth grade)

May 24, 2015


             I love the OLD and the new very much.

I give them a big Nod, indeed.

     Through my studies, NoW I know

                  What is NEW and what is old!