Echo Poems 

are poems where a word or syllable is echoed

as the next line or as the last part of the same line.  


"Goodbye Friend"

by Hollynd Karapetkova


See you later, alligator!

After while, crocodile!

In an hour, sunflower!

Maybe two, kangaroo!

Gotta go, buffalo!

Adios, hippos!

Chow, chow, brown cow!

See you soon, baboon!

Adieu, cockatoo!

Better swish, jellyfish.

Chop chop, lollipop.

Gotta run, skeleton!

Bye-bye, butterfly!

Better shake, rattle snake.

Our school day now ends.

So, good-bye, good friends!



My Birthday is Today

(by Giselle Ates on March 25, 2015)


My birthday is here—oh, dear.

I feel horribly old— not bold.

And incredibly tired—not inspired.

Why does my whole body ache—when I wake?     

Why must I celebrate—this date?

Just because my birthday—is today,


I’ll gift myself with what I really needindeed.

I’ll remind myself to be bold— not feel old.

I’ll take a nap to get inspired— shake off the tired.

I’ll learn to appreciate—or tolerate,

Every ache and pain—reminding my brain,

To celebrate that I’m still alive—time to thrive.


But not just today—Every day!




by Amelia Cline on April 2, 2015 (fourth grade)


I was supposed to be writing some poetry

                                                      About a tree?


But instead I stared out the window

                                                  Is that so?


Then I spied something green and quick

                                                       Was it sick?


No, no, it wasn’t sick

      Then what was it?


A lizard, that’s what I saw

                             Is that all?


No, I saw a slimy frog too

                What did you do?


I saw them waiting for their meal

                                 What’s the deal?


Enough distractions!  No more talk

                                  Let’s take a walk!