"3 Japanese Haiku" by Giselle Ates (2001)


Japanese Haiku

Poetry for me and you

Lots of fun to do


Counting Syllables

First 5 - then 7 - then 5

Repeating patterns


No rhyme, just rhythm

Nature is the main topic

Now anything goes!


"2 Hiaku:  Ever Forward" by Mark Ates (2001)


Still, alone, quiet

The wind fills my sail – forward

Ever forward goes


Experience life

To see, hear, touch, smell & taste

Reach ever forward


"Picnics" by Joshua Ates (2001)

Sun shining in sky

Bringing life, flowers & light

Bright days bring picnics


"The Sun" by Kayla Ates (2001)

The sun gives us light

It helps us to be healthy

It is very bright


"Schools" by Kayla Ates (2001)

Public school is fine

Private school is pretty good

Homeschool is the best!


"Fleas" by Julie Castio (2001)

Fleas small and itchy

I don’t like them very much

They bite my kitty


"Food" by Valerie Castio (2001)

I like to eat food

Food is good for us to eat

I like it a lot


"Flowers" by Dana Reese (2001)

Flowers day and night

Flowers on the grassy ground

Shining like the sun


“Moon” by Amanda Huff (6th grade, 2013)

October 15, 2013

Moon, shining so bright

Stars cover all of the sky

Oh, how I love night


“Visage” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade, 2013)

I am blind, sightless

The world is invisible

Black space surrounds me


"Sensei” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade, 2013)

The master knows all

Don’t test his intelligence

He knows every move


"Vampires” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade, 2013)

Vampires' only foe

Is the bright sunlight itself

They sleep in the day



“Sunsets” by Emily Baggett (6th grade, 2014)

As we end our day

The magnificent sun sets

Turning the sky orange.


“Care” by Elijah Samuel (5th grade, 2014)

I love animals

Abuse is just not my thing

Poor poor animals


"More” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade, 2014)

Not about money

This world is more than paper

It’s more than metal


“Separated” by Jonah Edwards (10th grade, 2014)

Oceans separate

Japan and America

Oh, how sad is that?


“Lilies” by Talei Brown (4th grade, 2014)

Japanese lilies

Are flowers that smell so deep

Nana’s favorite


"Grass" by Amelia Cline (4th grade, 2015)

Grass is beautiful

See it glisten in the sun

Dew drops on the tip


"Tornadoes" by Cameron Ford (6th grade, 2015)

Tossing and turning

My house gets thrown in the air

We plummet to doom