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Private & Semi-Private Lessons
Taught by Giselle Ates in Kingwood, Texas


All lessons are customized based on the level of the students and wishes of the sponsor; private and semi-private sessions may include reading, writing, editing, and desk-top publishing.

Typically, each private session is 30-55 minutes depending on the lessons and student needs. Shorter sessons may be needed when working with young, active, or special needs children or providing distance learning, extra editing, additional printing, or creating on-line publications.  


When four sessions are purchased together in advance, the lesson price decreases to from $30 to $25 per session.  


Private Sessions 
•    One to two related participants (siblings or guardian and child) 
•    $30 per session 
•    Or $25 per session when four sessions are purchased together in advance
•    Includes printing of one page per session 
•    May include publishing on


Semi-private Sessions
•    Three to six related or non-related students
•    $50 per 45-minute session
•    Requires four 45-minute sessions paid in advance
•    Includes printing of one identical pages per student per session 
•    May include publishing on


While we use a variety of resources for teaching all types of writing, our primary writing text is the Student Resource Notebook from the Institute for Excellence in Writing.