by 2013-2014 Students

"Maverick Makes Ice Cream"

by Emily Baggett

(September 2013)


Hello!  My name is Maverick.  I’m the monkey with the red and black legs, and I’m wild about words!  This week I stayed with Emily, who is an incredibly kind, loving, and creative writing student assigned to take care of me during this long weekend.  Determined to create a pleasant experience for me, Emily decided we should create a delicious dessert because everyone enjoys sweet treats!  On Saturday, we made chocolate ice cream, which is my favorite.   When we were done mixing it, we placed the jugs from the milk and cream in the recycle bin.  Pouring the creamy concoction into the ice cream machine, I assisted Emily by using my long tail.  Together, we flipped the switch, and the mixture spun steadily for thirty minutes.   Then, we froze our masterpiece for several hours.  Finally, after about four hours, when the ice cream that we had waited so anxiously for was firm, we devoured our delectable frozen delight.  It tasted extremely yummy!

"Mackenzie's Marvelous Makeover"

by Amanda Huff

(October 2013)


My name is Mackenzie, and I am a Word Monkey.  During this past week, I hung out at Amanda’s amazing house because she is so much fun.  Playing games and building Legos together, the two of us had a blast.  First, we played Scrabble. Frustrated, since she’s not great at spelling, Amanda frantically searched for and located a dictionary, which significantly improved her score, but I still beat her!  After playing in her room for quite awhile, we did something extra special—makeover time!  At the most famous shop in the whole house—The Sock Monkey Salon, three fabulous primates primped my hair and painted my nails.  Then we headed to Bella’s Boutique where I tried on a bunch of new outfits.  My favorite is the Ty Girlz ensemble in the picture that Amanda snapped when I wasn’t paying attention.  Obviously, I had a magnificent time with her and wish I could hang around with her more often.  When I finish typing this, I’ll tell Monroe and Maverick, who were stuck at school over the weekend, all about delightful day with my fantastic friend getting my marvelous makeover!

"Maverick Meets Minecraft"

by Jonah Edwards

(November 2013)


Hello, ladies and gents! My name is Maverick and I am a Word Monkey! This week, I stayed at Jonah’s awesome abode where we played throughout the festive Thanksgiving week. Stuffed by the amount of food that we gobbled, Jonah and I relaxed most of the week. Because of Jonah’s school break, we had scads of time to talk and play together. We listened to Jonah’s music. We devoured loads of food. And we watched tons of television. Jonah prefers fantastical movies. Most of what he watches is about travelling to distant lands or imaginary worlds. As we relaxed one day, I observed Jonah playing a video game on the X-Box, and it seemed to be extremely fun! The video game was also fantastical, and Jonah declared that the game was called Minecraft. Playing for about an hour, he handed the controller to me so I could play. Once I started playing it, I couldn’t stop! Minecraft was so fun! I wonder why I wasn’t introduced to it before. Eventually, Jonah and I were summoned downstairs to partake of the mouthwatering Thanksgiving dinner! We enjoyed turkey and duck and chicken and ham and beef and bread and greens and pie! In only a matter of hours, Jonah and I were so stuffed that we could barely wobble around the house! After we discovered our dilemma, we returned to the comfy couch and back to our chill time. I had a great time at Jonah’s house, and I hope to visit and play with him again! Hopefully, he will write another prodigious poem, so I can go to his house and play some more!

"Monroe Discovers Metamorphosis"


by Elijah Samuel (January 2014)


Hi, I’m Monroe, and I love learning and telling stories, which is why I live in an English classroom.  I rarely leave because there’s just so much to learn right here.   My first educational escapade was with a great guy named Elijah. I hope you enjoy reading about my informative explorations—story style! 


 “Elijah, what’s in that strange shaped container?” Monroe asked as he moved closer and closer. “Tadpoles.” Tempted, Monroe touched the side of the watery habitat. As soon as his paw pressed against the aquarium, one of the slippery and squirmy creatures accidentally slammed against the plastic. Carefully, Elijah carried the tank to a safer place since it was precariously perched on top of a box on a desk in the center of the room where students could easily bump it. These tadpoles were part of an Explorations biology class.Swinging off the table, Monroe grabbed onto the immobile ceiling fan. Then he swung himself from chair to chair until he reached the table where the boy had set the tadpoles. Monroe watched the tadpoles swim around for a few minutes, and then asked, “Why do they look like black dots?” “Because they are young,” Elijah informed him. “When they are mature, they will be frogs”Shocked, Monroe yelped, “Frogs! Those dots are frogs? Then why do they have tails?” The boy responded, “They’re not frogs yet. They are tadpoles, which means they will turn into frogs. First, they lose their tail.” “Ahh! Lose their tails! That must be painful!” “No, their bodies just reabsorb them—it doesn’t hurt them. Then they lose their gills and develop lungs. Once they have lungs and their back legs, they are frogs. This process is called metamorphosis.”“Oh, like butterflies?”“Exactly”“Cool! Thanks for teaching me about metamorphosis! Can you teach me more next time?”“Absolutely, Monroe,” Elijah smiled as he grabbed his backpack and headed home.


Makenzie & The Word

by Talei Brown

(February 2014)


Hello, I’m Mackenzie the Word Monkey. This week Talei took care of me. We read books, played hide and seek, and monkeyed around for hours every day. The first day I watched Talei while she read from a big black book; when I asked the girl, “What are you reading?” Replying with a grin, she explained: “I’m reading Proverbs 1:33.” Then she asked me to join her. When we were done reading the Bible, we were extremely hungry. For lunch, we picnicked in her back yard because it was such a sunny day. Suddenly, I spotted her trampoline, and I desperately desired to jump on it. So we did! Exhausted from all of the bouncing and flipping and tumbling, Talei treated me to the most delicious and delightful pumpkin spice cookies and a tall glass of cold, creamy, refreshing milk. We had so much fun together that I can’t wait to visit her again!