Poems for Two Voices

Poems for Two Voices are meant to be read as a poetic duet;  they should contain two distint voices and provide two contrasting views or opinions of the same topic or situation.  Some of the lines should be read or recited together while others should be staggered or said at the same time depending on the poet or reader's preference.




“Home School is Great—A Poem for Two Voices”

by Giselle Ates

(inspired by written for Kayla Ates on 02-02-02)


(Student)                                                                                                                                (Teacher/Parent)


Home school is great.


It’s so much fun.

It’s a lot of work.


We have lots of activities


Just for fun,

For multi-sensory learning

So I can hangout with

A LOT of friends

With a FEW friends to learn with

Everyone just shows up.

Which means phone calls 

and emails to coordinate.


The best ones

Are to parks

Are to museums,

Or ice-skating

Or special classes,

And parties!

And educational programs.

We have a great time.

They learn a lot.


We also have clubs,


Like Foreign Language Club

Where we talk to our friends

Where they learn a new language

And play games and do fun stuff.

And about different cultures.


There’s also the Craft Club


Where we make things with our friends

Where they learn new skills 


We also have our

Drama Club

Literary Club


Where we act out stories


Where we read and discuss

Classic Literature

And watch movies

And compare them

to current movies

from a Christian perspective.


The Golf Club

is part of




So we can play golf

So they can learn how to play golf

with our friends



And of course there’s CHATA


For giving presentations

with our friends

For doing community service projects

with other members.


So many activities,

But never enough!

Sometimes too many!


And of course we have our

classes at home. 

Bible verses are always first.

Then reading and writing

And health

and science.

I think

We spend too much time

doing bookwork

There’s never enough time

for academics


I’m ahead of my public school friends

We’re always behind in our schoolbooks


We do too much math and history,

We need more math and history!


But I have lots of free time,

I have very little free time,


I read books,

play computer games,

and watch TV.

Always running, 

teaching, and cleaning.

Still, God is so good.

And Homeschooling is great!