8 Reasons for Reading, Writing, Studying and Memorizing Poetry

(This is adapted from IEW's Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization.) 


Learning and mimicking are natural tendencies.  Often without thinking, people imitate and contemplate the sounds and phrases they encounter most.  As educators, it is our responsibility to provide linguistically rich sources for our students’ minds and souls because our culture often offers the opposite through songs, jingles, slogans, and sound-bites. 


The reasons we should read, write, study, and memorize poetry include


  • Encouraging constructive thinking and excellent communication skills

  • Strengthening neural connections through concentration, duration, and repetition

  • Exercising, maintaining, and improving those neural connections

  • Creating mental disciplines that affect all academic and non-academic areas of life

  • Increasing the speed and longevity of learning new material

  • Building a linguistic foundation with sophisticated language patterns, enhanced vocabulary, and meaningful content

  • Generating positive, thought-provoking concepts worth contemplating

  • Providing a sense of accomplishment and the confidence that comes with it


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