Dragonfly Days

A recurrent theme in my life is starting over—trying again—overcoming obstacles and obsessions, and hopefully, purposefully replacing them with healthier, more productive ones. Each day offers another opportunity to try again. Since dragonflies are a symbol for new beginnings, it seems appropriate that the logo for my website and the titles of my blogs feature this curious creature.

Over the years, my logo and my blogs, have evolved. The picture featured here is my original logo created by my former student--Zane Miller--who now owns his own company--Marzs Graphic Design. This talented young man also created my current logo, which is featured on the Tesa Publications "Home" page.

Known for flitting from one place to another, dragonflies, like my thoughts and activities, constantly dart from project to project—and so will this blog. Each “day” will offer a new start, a new topic, a new discussion. Like dragonflies, I may hover for a while in a favorite spot, a favorite topic, or it might be many days before I return. But I will return! Because like these winged creatures, certain territories compel me—writing, reading, teaching, eating, cooking, exercising, dieting, and most of all, laughing and loving.

Though dragonflies are predators by nature, they too have creatures they must avoid, beasts that capture and devour them. While I will occasionally dart into dangerous territory, I try to avoid war zones. Instead, I prefer to linger in the fragrant fields of friendship and family and explore educational and encouraging enviroments.

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