Demon Letter by Ariel Byrnes

(Fall 2012)


My Dear Surreptitious,


While I miss your seductive presence, I heard from Lady Fay Malicious, that you have been quite busy with three new projects, the scumbag creatures:  Winifrey Adams, Roselle Moore, and Celeste Simmons.  Now that they are securely under your wicked possession, do what you must to your new clients.  Provide them tasteful temptations and delectable distractions. Remember that the client is always right—in their own mind; so give them all they desire.  By indulging their selfish and greedy whims, we don’t have to drag them down their materialistic rode to hell—no, they race towards it whole-heartedly!  So, make everything as pleasant as possible for them, so that they never suspect your actions or even your presence.  


I know you’re excellent at you job, but keep them away from the enemy at all costs.  Never, and I mean never, allow them to communicate with him through prayer or through his written word.   Yes, keep them from the Bible while you study it. How else do ones as powerful as we possess the knowledge to conquer?  By the creator’s manual of course!  Know your enemy!  Also, I have found that the best way to keep them from praying is too keep them busy—preoccupied with our lovely, worldly pursuits of pleasures and possessions and passions!  Don’t allow the clients time enough to look back. Quiet moments of reflection often lead towards self-discovery and awareness of their need for our enemy.  So keep them distracted!   The best distractions are also the easiest—work, sports, games, television. 


My dear Surreptitious, I am not worried in the least about your success because you’ve made your job a game that you always win.  And these clients, like all the others before them, will fall into the chasm created by their greed and your deception. Their fall is your gain; so let them flail pathetically like a fish caught on a hook. Continue to perform your duties well, the sooner the better because we know the value of time better than those barbarians the enemy seems to treasure so much.

Do not disappoint me, or more importantly, the Fallen Star.


Your Lord,


Olcann Malicious