Student Poems for Two Voices



“The Only One(s)”

by Miryam Gabriel

Spring 2014

(Inspired by Giselle Ates'

“Home School is Great – A Poem for Two Voices”

and the BBC series: Sherlock

with characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)



(Sherlock Holmes)                                                                                                     (James—Jim—Moriarty)


I am unique,

the world's only



Consulting detective.

Consulting Criminal.


Others will attempt to be greater,

and cause hurt.

Others will imitate me,

and fail.


In case that's too difficult

for your ordinary mind to understand,

I am the only one

like me.


It is my business to know

what other people don't.

It's my job to keep him

on his toes.


My mind is awake at all times,



He makes no move.

He's bored.




I am often the only intelligent one

in the room.

in the world!

I have a purpose,


For the most part.


I don't mean to cause pain.

Think of what we could gain!

I am unique.

It's only a game!



You are me.

We are the same.