Testimonials from Parents and Students:


"I appreciate your feedback to the girls on their papers and to me.  The girls seem to forget how creative they are--you bring that out in them, but you also teach them how to properly and effectively communicate their ideas.  They enjoyed your class last year and the improvements I saw in one semester were superb!  Melissa W."   (parent)


"I love your joy!  Your passion for teaching and the written word is evident!  I appreciate your service to our kids.  I believe that the year will hold amazing things both academically and creatively.  Thank you for this time!  Kristin J."   (parent)


"I wanted to thank you so much for coming to our school to bring us your awesome play, Macbeth Blinged Out!  I thought it was brilliantly written!  What I especially loved about the play was how you incorporated verses from original play with your own rhyming couplets.  Also, the costumes and props added so much to the performance.  We all really appreciated you taking the time to present us with Macbeth Blinged Out!  It was a truly wonderful experience.  God bless!  Sincerely, Hannah H." (student)


"The class I liked most was writing because it helped me write good sentences.  It helped a lot!  Thank you! Yoseline A."  (student)


"While it may not be my favorite, the one thing that has helped me the most is writing because I got bad grades, but I'm getting better! Jairo F."  (student)


"Mrs. Ates makes writing easier to understand! Diana C."  (student)


"The most helpful skills I learned and practiced were the sentence starters, dress-ups, and all of the writing skills. Yoselyn H."  (student)


"As always, the Shakespeare class was amazing.... The creativity you exhibit is really quite astonishing, ranging from similar educational but entertaining classes to the marvelous Mystery Parties.  The lengths you go for the students is existentially amazing, even philanthropic in a sense.  Managing to maintain a humorous aura while still teaching us about the darkness of Macbeth was especially impressive.  Thank you for all the lengths yo go to for us. In closing, Erin K."  (student)


"Thank you so much for coming to our English class where you led us in the reading of Macbeth Blinged Out!  It was very humorous to the point that I even included part of it in my facebook status (and that’s saying something).  I truly enjoyed playing the fox.  It really fit with my personality, although sitting on the squeaky toy did start to get old.  Jakeb was rather stunning in the cat outfit, might I add. You should keep that forever!  I hope that you can come back for another play soon.  Still breathing fuzz, Sarah ‘Fox’ M. S.” (student)


“Thank you so much for leading Macbeth Blinged Out!  I very much enjoyed portraying Lady Macbeth in the play.  The most amusing part was most likely singing “The Sound of Music.”  Thank you for your hard work in producing the play.  The costumes and props were a lovely touch to help the play come alive.  Sincerely, Laura T.”   (student)


“Thank you for an amazing conclusion to our Macbeth reading.  The way you organized the props throughout the play was spectacular.  Creating a humorous atmosphere, you made it very enjoyable.  For all the work you put in, I am sincerely impressed.  I enjoy theater very much.  The colorful way you rewrote the play was extremely eloquent.  I hope to work with you again in the future.  Sincerely, Isaac A.“ (student)


“Thank you for the wonderful play.  I thought it was great.  Reading with everyone was fun and humorous.  I also thought that the props were awesome and really added excitement to it.  Thank you for writing this wonderful play.  I will never forget it.  Thank you, Ryan J. (Bling 2)”   (student)


“Thank you for allowing us to act out your humorous version of Macbeth.  Macbeth Blinged Out! Was very fun to be a part of; I’m glad to have been a part of it.  Thank you for bringing props for us to uses; it added life to the play.  Your addition of the cat character was my favorite part.  Thank you for not getting too upset when we made a mistake.  Macbeth Blinged Out! Was much funnier than the original play; than you for bringing it to our class.  Still amused, David P.” (student)


“Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come and present to us, Macbeth Blinged Out!  The costumes were so creative and fun.  Everything was so organized, and you were so patient.  I have seen the actual play of “Macbeth,” and it was nothing compared to this awesome experience.  Sincerely entertained, Amanda S.” (student)


“Thank you for the exciting and humorous act of Macbeth Blinged Out!  The props and costumes added an excellent touch to the play.  I greatly appreciated the sound effects as well because it made it seem more realistic.  Lastly, I would like to thank you for all of the work you put into it to make it fun.  Sincerely impressed, Caleb S.” (student)


“Thank you for all the work you put in to get the play ready for our class.  It was surely an original English period.  The props were amusing and humorous.  Interestingly, you were able to rewrite much of the play into the rhyming scheme you used and stayed true to many important points of the play.  As a class we all had an enjoyable time that Monday.  Sincerely, Jakeb S.” (student)